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Designing a Remote Leadership Training using Space Flight Resource Management (PDF)


Space Flight Resource Management (SFRM) is a set of skills designed for astronauts who work in remote and team-centric environments. This paper introduces a training prototype of remote leadership and followership incorporating the SFRM essential skills for non-astronaut applications. Eight core SFRM skills were identified based on literature surveys: Communication, Cross-Cultural, Team Work, Situation Awareness, Decision Making, Team Care, Leadership and Followership, and Conflict Management. Each skill was further refined and described in required behaviors and organized into a four-level rubric matrix for consistent performance measurement. An original board game for four players was developed for learning the eight skills assuming an individually separated working environment. A training demonstration was conducted using the board game to examine its effectiveness. The SFRM skills improvement was measured quantitatively using the rubric matrix. The results showed that the developed prototype was effective for acquiring remote leadership and followership skills that are increasingly important for remote workers today.

  • Minato, N., Higashimoto, Y., Yoshida, M., Ikeda, U., Iwata, R., Ihara, H.(2019). Designing a Remote Leadership Training using Space Flight Resource Management. The 32nd International Symposium on Space Technology and Science(ISTS), June 2019, Fukui, Japan.

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